Friday, December 17, 2010

Love perhaps

Dear Allah, please dnt let me go astray. Stay me in place. Please, dnt ever make me forget about you. I dnt want this type of situation comes across me 'bila susah je dtg doa doa, bila senang lupa alpa semua' OMG! taknaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak! seriously. Ya Allah peliharalah solat ku seiring dengan perlakuan ku. Like seriously, dnt turn me becomes a bad girl and doesnt have any limits in my actions. pleaseeeeeeeee. Please protect me from azab neraka, I mean my family, my friends and me as well. the truth to be told, i really wanna make a change. I want to keep myself praying 5 times a days, taknak tinggalkan walaupun satu waktu. I think, with praying my heart becomes so relax and chill. Only me myself can make a difference :] i dnt wanna me becomes 'HANGAT-HANGAT TAHI AYAM' but frankly, its always've beeen me. And i think i should chane my bad habit!! okay, i should. I should be more concern about solat and all things. kbye

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