Sunday, December 19, 2010

you got caught.

I think i like you, yes i do. but i think im not ready yet to be your officially yours, just give me some time to be fuly prepared. (Y), youre so sweeet. There are so many reasons why i like you :) You are sweet, you are one of a kind. you sanggup teman i like till 5 am just because i asked you to stay. hahaha :D I shouldnt do tht to you kan? just because i taknak i sorang sorang :( idk why i cnt live without you, eh tkdla tu mengarut namanya. hmm i mean bila i on, you tkd i will be like 'omg' sumpah got no lifeeee! you tahu? hahahaha, but i think i dnt have to mention yr name here, you know yourself. hahaha :) hmm, and yeahhhh apa lagi ay? You nak date 1/1/2011 ni kan? hahahaha idk yet lah babe, cz yeah i tk ready lagi, but still i think i like you. You, if you read this i'd like to say, I REALLY LIKE YOU. :') xx


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