Sunday, December 19, 2010

you got caught.

I think i like you, yes i do. but i think im not ready yet to be your officially yours, just give me some time to be fuly prepared. (Y), youre so sweeet. There are so many reasons why i like you :) You are sweet, you are one of a kind. you sanggup teman i like till 5 am just because i asked you to stay. hahaha :D I shouldnt do tht to you kan? just because i taknak i sorang sorang :( idk why i cnt live without you, eh tkdla tu mengarut namanya. hmm i mean bila i on, you tkd i will be like 'omg' sumpah got no lifeeee! you tahu? hahahaha, but i think i dnt have to mention yr name here, you know yourself. hahaha :) hmm, and yeahhhh apa lagi ay? You nak date 1/1/2011 ni kan? hahahaha idk yet lah babe, cz yeah i tk ready lagi, but still i think i like you. You, if you read this i'd like to say, I REALLY LIKE YOU. :') xx


Friday, December 17, 2010

Love perhaps

Dear Allah, please dnt let me go astray. Stay me in place. Please, dnt ever make me forget about you. I dnt want this type of situation comes across me 'bila susah je dtg doa doa, bila senang lupa alpa semua' OMG! taknaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak! seriously. Ya Allah peliharalah solat ku seiring dengan perlakuan ku. Like seriously, dnt turn me becomes a bad girl and doesnt have any limits in my actions. pleaseeeeeeeee. Please protect me from azab neraka, I mean my family, my friends and me as well. the truth to be told, i really wanna make a change. I want to keep myself praying 5 times a days, taknak tinggalkan walaupun satu waktu. I think, with praying my heart becomes so relax and chill. Only me myself can make a difference :] i dnt wanna me becomes 'HANGAT-HANGAT TAHI AYAM' but frankly, its always've beeen me. And i think i should chane my bad habit!! okay, i should. I should be more concern about solat and all things. kbye

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I am so lucky.

I THINK I AM SO LUCKY. WHY? okay, i will tell you why. Through my life, i will face lots of obstacles to achieve the happiness. But i'll tell you one thing, I feel so lucky because I have god, my family and always be my friends by my side. dnt you think so? That means, i dnt even neeed a guy to complete my happiness. NO! i think i've made the biggest mistake ever which is, I USED TO HAVE LOTS OF EX BOYFRIENDS! =.= Omg, hey! past is past k. no neeeeed to talk about it. but yeah, i should talk about it *hahahah* some of my ex boyfriends are still close w me, but some are like 'DOING THEIR OWN STUFFFFFFFF' fine fine, go ahead. i dnt neeed yr fuckin attention to treat my fuckin life nemore. GOT THAT? kay, i really loves my life. yeah, dulu mmg teruk, awfully nice. but now, things getting better, ive my bestfriend back. Ive heard someone told me yesterday, 'ada ramai kawan baik tk boleh juga' (Y) mesti gaduh kan? but to me, i dnt mind, nk gaduh korang punya pasal, but i still love you guys! hmm, deal with it. You know who i really love? kay i will tell you the list of names :]
Nadia Shafika, Faszmaliena, Naili Hayani, Jannatun Naim, Fatin Izzati, Shazleen Samhana, Roza Nashiha, Nabilah Syazana, Amalina Azmi, Nurul Athira, Nureina Najib, Hadirah Abdissalam, Nurul Haziqah, Amalina Ahmad, Husna Yahya, Iylia Adilah, Aqilah Ramli, Khairul Ahmad Muzzafar, Shamie's gang (Semuanyala k) Asyikin Rahim, My classmates and the schoolmates + my facebookers yang Ly kenal k! 


spill out.

Lets see, PMR's result is going to be given like 6 more days, and I am trembling like a leaf here. K lets just be silent? or else i wanna take a sharp knife and kill myself in a silent mood. *thts just be great* dont you think so? Omg, cannot be in that way, killing ownself wont solve everything, masuk neraka lagi adalah kan. But yeah nak tak nak pun  on 23rd December 2010 kena juga ambil dekat dewan Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Convent, Teluk Intan Perak. yeah, takut gila.  mmg tkyah cakap, coz aftr tht ada christmas celebration kan, I am planning with Nadia and Amalina nk clbrate. but if dpt result okay la kan, but christmas shouldnt be celebrate by the Muslims, Haraaaaaaaaaaaam. but yeah kiteorg just macam nk tgkp tgkp gmbr cmtu je, no more thn tht k i dnt belive with SANTA CLAUSE. :} Yeah I am so cooooooooooooool. BUT I REALLY WANTED SOMETHING FROM THE SANTA CLAUSE. I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant a pair of Vans sneakers. i dnt mind wht colour it is, as loooooooong as it suits me ; the princess. HAHAHA ceh, no man, im just kiddding. I want a magic ball too, atleast if i want something i can shake shake tht ball and speak out wht i wish for, hahaha no lah. KARUT MARUT kay! :D back to the topic please, k aftr christmas then on the 28th of December got malam icon anjuran Usahanita Negeri Perak, and mama bought 5 tickets, if my result is okay, I SHOULD GO. but seee, if i dnt get straight Ace? HOW WOULD I FACE THE WORLD? and im soo scareeeeeeeeeed if after got the result, *BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM* bertimbun timbun text messages masuk, and calling-malling from my friends which are from othr schooools. HOW I SHOULD ANSWER THEM? kay, tawwwwwwwwwwakal je. Only god can change everything, Insya'Allah we can get straight A's in Pmr 2010. AMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN, lets we pray for our successfulness. Mama, Papa. please do accpt my result okay :'( Ive already tried my best, and i wont put such a high hope coz i might be dissapointed. and people, just wish me luck okay? I REALLY YEARN TO GO TO THE BOARDING SCHOOOL. (Y) you may say, life in there is like hell and I really wanna try the 'HELL's' LIFE. pleaseeeeeeeeee? I wanna be an independent too, but idk either i can go to Mrsm or not, coz the test was so hard. yeah, MATHS! errgggggggggggh, i was like wana crying during the test, but just tried to cover. HAHHA, but yeah yknw, i really wnna study and struggle fr nxt yr, 2011. seriosly, taknak main main dah, and im so fuckin tired to go online everyday like got no life at all, thts why. hmm, pray for my successfulness k? IVE BEEEN STUDYING FOR LIKE 3 YEARS in SMKCTI, takkan tkboleh dapat result cemerlang in PMR for like a weeeeeeeeeeeeek? MALU AH SIKIT! hmmm, tknk hampakan my parents, dieorg banyak berkorban for me, duit tuitions omg :'( I am sorrry ma and pa, cz selama ni Ly g tuition (Y) Ly studied but yeah bnyk buat bising. :( hmm, i want to make my parents be proud of me, hmm i want my friends to get all A's in PMR TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! AMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN! i dnt wanna see them to be sad during the result is be given. please pleaseeeeeeeeee, if they are sad, i'd be double triple sad. I am so sure, if youre crying, i'll cry too. Your happiness and sadness is mine too! :) I care abt you guys like fuckin much k! loveyalots. kay dah tinggal like two more weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeks nak tahun baru dah, omg we all will be sixteen! :} BUT YEAH, A TOUGH YEAR! selamat tinggal 2010 yang penuh kenangan pahit dan manis, but kenangan pahit la banyak :'(