Thursday, December 16, 2010

I am so lucky.

I THINK I AM SO LUCKY. WHY? okay, i will tell you why. Through my life, i will face lots of obstacles to achieve the happiness. But i'll tell you one thing, I feel so lucky because I have god, my family and always be my friends by my side. dnt you think so? That means, i dnt even neeed a guy to complete my happiness. NO! i think i've made the biggest mistake ever which is, I USED TO HAVE LOTS OF EX BOYFRIENDS! =.= Omg, hey! past is past k. no neeeeed to talk about it. but yeah, i should talk about it *hahahah* some of my ex boyfriends are still close w me, but some are like 'DOING THEIR OWN STUFFFFFFFF' fine fine, go ahead. i dnt neeed yr fuckin attention to treat my fuckin life nemore. GOT THAT? kay, i really loves my life. yeah, dulu mmg teruk, awfully nice. but now, things getting better, ive my bestfriend back. Ive heard someone told me yesterday, 'ada ramai kawan baik tk boleh juga' (Y) mesti gaduh kan? but to me, i dnt mind, nk gaduh korang punya pasal, but i still love you guys! hmm, deal with it. You know who i really love? kay i will tell you the list of names :]
Nadia Shafika, Faszmaliena, Naili Hayani, Jannatun Naim, Fatin Izzati, Shazleen Samhana, Roza Nashiha, Nabilah Syazana, Amalina Azmi, Nurul Athira, Nureina Najib, Hadirah Abdissalam, Nurul Haziqah, Amalina Ahmad, Husna Yahya, Iylia Adilah, Aqilah Ramli, Khairul Ahmad Muzzafar, Shamie's gang (Semuanyala k) Asyikin Rahim, My classmates and the schoolmates + my facebookers yang Ly kenal k! 


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