Wednesday, January 5, 2011

the chances you wont have.

As usual abt schoo. I think today was a good start but in the same time, everything was in rush. MY NEW CLASS TEACHER ; CIK WAN AINNUR ILYANIE :) She's such a fierce teacher, but haaaa baru aku menjadi kalau dapat cikgu-cikgu garang. She's going to teach me, Biology. whoaaaaaaaaaah, thts so cool. but frankly, fierce teachers would be okay for me. So, Ive got 4 Cerdas, yayy! Alhamdulillah 4 friends out of 10, FatinIzzati, Asyikin, and Shazleen got the same class as me but the rest semua 4 Gigih. Goodluck guys! gdluck with Account w Puan Azlya. Although we are in the diff classes, but my love for my tutti fruttis never ends, hopefully it'll last long guys. Credits to ; Naili Jannatun Fizi Roza Aleen Byda Syikin Nabilah and Shahid. sumpah me loves you guysssssssss! :') TIME TO STUDY HARD! 

*gotta start learning tomorrow! :) gdluck Ly!

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