Tuesday, November 2, 2010

This is about my confession.

Shut up and listen to this ;)

okay, so yeh. hey! i suck in love, you know. Imma bad romance, which is idk wht im crapping about now, but nevermind keeep listening k? so dont fall for me, please. Im begging you this. If i fall for you, tht means i really found out tht youre so 'LUCKY' hahaha, but yeah just be friends je la eh potaato people. I dnt wanna involve in any relationship with anyoneeeeeeeeeeee, although youre so handsome, filthy rich tht could buy anything, educated or what. i dnt believe in LOVE. yeaaaah yeaaaaaaaaaaah me! :P seee even Hayley Williams told so right? Maybe I know, somewhere deep in my soul tht love never lasts, NYAHAHAHHAHA :D copy paste, sorry. k back to the topic, hmmm yeah i dnt believe in love, i know all people could promise tht, 'DNT WORRY OUR LOVES WILL BE LIKE FOREVER AND EVER' eeeey eeey stupid moron! whre do you know? Allah yang tentukan everything k! so just shut yr mouth. hahaha jangan cakap bnyk k. I LOVE TO BE SINGLE, SINGLE LADIES PUT YR HANDS UP IN THE AIR :D all right hmm, yeah. ASK ME WHY? all right these are the reasons

1) I can do whatever things i want w/o anyone stoppin me to do so
2) I can hang out with whoever i want
3) I dnt care about my attitude, no one can stop meeee

K, threeeee reasons are enuff k. mm so yeah you could see tht right? find me the conclusion now (: hahahah.so yeahh, why nak couple? dnt you think couple agak menyusahkan? kena jaga hati org tu? omgggg, youre so nice to jaga his/her feeelings, but for me. sorrrry, imma bad girl. HONESTLY! bukan playgirl or what, just rimas k rimaaaaaaaaaaaas. LOL. suck suck. errrr, kay next wht i wanna share with you eh? HAHAHHA, mmm yeah if couple mesti korang ada janji mcm mcm kan and everything your couples do you'll say semua nya OKAY mmg kalau taik kucing yg busuk tu pun boleh kata wangi en? HAHAHHA, :S tp if dh breaaaak omg will be like hatin each other, and spread to others tht this girl/boy is so evil or whatever, spreading rumours and so on. SO WHATS THAT MEAN? ive my experience too. im sure we all do have k! so jgn bnyk cakap cz thts the truth to be told. OMG DATANG PERIOD AH PADANLA NK EMO SEMACAM hahahhaha. tkpeee, k keep listen to this. ni mcm facts k! jap jap search on the internet pasal facts about breakin up jap.


  1. More often than not, breaking up is as hard on the person ending the relationship as it is on the person being broken up with - don't assume just because a person is breaking up with you means that they no longer care about you, caring about you and wanting a relationship with you are not one and the same.
  2. Nobody likes to hurt another person, especially somebody they have been close to, and it is often very easy to guilt trip somebody into staying with you when they are trying to end things. Resist this urge! When you use guilt as a way to stop a break up you not only cheat yourself out of having a good and true relationship, you foster resentment in the other person which could lead to greater pain and heart ache in the future.
  3. Being broken up with does not mean that there is something wrong with you; it just means that there is something that is not working in the relationship. Try not to take the rejection too personally. Remember that lots of great people have had failed relationships - the fact that the relationships failed says nothing about their value as a person. The fact that your relationship failed likewise says nothing about you as a person.
  4. It is all right to cry, get mad and feel hurt when you are dumped. These are normal natural feelings. Just be sure that you let your feelings out in a safe place among friends or family. Do not make your ex the target of your feelings, even if they have done something to deserve your outrage. The sooner you let go of the other person, the sooner the healing can begin.
  5. Breaking up is never easy. You will have good days and you will have bad days. Take it one day at a time and don't beat yourself up if you have an overly emotional day - you're only human after all.
  6. Break ups are often followed by one of the parties starting a new relationship and when this happens it can bring up all sorts of old feelings. If you thought you were over someone who broke up with you and find yourself upset at the news that s/he has moved on, rest assured you are normal. Let yourself be upset, it is part of the healing process.
  7. Acting out in anger is never good for anybody. After being broken up with don't spread mean or spiteful rumors. Don't betray former confidences by telling old secrets to others. If another person was involved in your break up resist the urge to slam them behind their back. Acting vicious only makes you look bad and any satisfaction you may feel will be short lived. In the end this sort of behaviour will only make you feel worse.
  8. A big part of the pain of breaking up comes from a feeling of embarrassment. We often fear how the situation will look to outsiders. Refuse to be embarrassed, even if you did something outlandish to cause your break up. Letting go of the embarrassment will help you move on to the healing.
  9. Nobody ever deserves to be hurt. Your ex does not deserve to be hurt because you are hurting. Your ex's new love interest (if one even exists) does not deserve to be hurt just because you feel jealous. You do not deserve to be hurt, even if you acted badly and caused the break up. Breaking up hurts, but it doesn't have to be made worse by holding a grudge or drowning yourself in a pool of if only's. Deal with the reality and let go of your anger, the pain will disappear more quickly if you do.
  10. Things may seem bleak now but you never know what the future may hold for you and your ex. You may get back together someday. You may not. Either way it is better to let go of a faltering relationship while there is still some caring left between the two of you. If you play it out to the bitter end and leave your ex no choice but to hate you to get rid of you, you close the door to the future. Bowing out graciously leaves room for a future relationship with your ex, even if it is just as good friends.


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