Saturday, November 27, 2010

the best! xD

And he is, 
            Khairul Ahmad Muzzafar :')
-He listens to all my stories.
-He will always be here when i neeed someone to talk.
-He's the one who understands me well.
-He's the one who is so-low-profile, keeep it up my man!
-He's my bodyguard too! :)
-He's a very god listener, im glad tht ive found a truefriend :')
-Youre the best kay <3 

And the other one, 
                 Nureina Najib :')
-She's pretty, intelligent and kind!
-She's the one who always hear my stories.
-Always give me a long text message. awwwww :)
-Hope you dapat 8A's kay? 
-Bak kata you, youre gonna be ontop of my heart. and yeah same as me too. :D

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  1. That was so sweet of you. Oh hey i'm following yours. Best baca blog awak LILY! :)